We live in an era when digital technology has taken centre stage, with innovative products improving our daily lives and enhancing security. Mr. Locks is proud to introduce one of the latest advancements in home security, the Yale Look™ Door Viewer. This is a great digital product that replaces your traditional peephole.

Upgrade your home security now with the Yale Look™ Door Viewer
(Regular price: $450)

Yale Door Viewer

Advanced Peephole Technology

The Yale Look™ Door Viewer replaces your traditional peephole allowing you to see, listen to, and speak with visitors as they arrive at your property. Whenever someone rings your doorbell, or triggers the built-in motion sensor, a 720p HD camera is activated. Depending on settings, you can receive notifications, viewing images, and live videos on a 4.3 inch LCD monitor and Yale Look™ smartphone app.

Live Communication with Guests

The Yale Look™ Door Viewer gives you live two-way audio and video communication with your guest, whether you are inside your home or out on the move. The camera can also snap photographs, which can be stored in the cloud or on a micro-SD card, with timestamps for your reference.

Z-Wave Compatible

The Z-Wave version of the product offers even more features, including the ability to receive notifications for low battery, alarm tampering, doorbell use, and motion sensor detection. The Z-Wave can also be combined with other smart products to create an integrated home that is a joy to live in.

Buy Now at Reduced Price!

Step into the future and enjoy live communication with your guests,and extra security for your home. The Yale Look™ Door Viewer is now available for the reduced price of $350 fully installed (was $450). Save now and enhance your home security.

Yale Real Living™ Look™ Door Viewer
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