The Wireless Plant Hidden Camera uses a small Sony B/W video chip hidden camera
that is completely hidden. The hidden camera comes with a built in 2.4 gHZ transmitter. The 2.4 gHZ receiver is also included with
package with its own 12-volt DC power supply. The High Power 2.4Ghz transmitter
will transmit clear video through walls to a dedicated receiver that can be
over 1500 feet away. The hidden camera is 100% undetectable built inside plant
leafs. The hidden camera will be transmitting wirelessly to the receiver, which
could be connected to a TV or VCR for viewing and recording. Included with the
Plant hidden cam is a 12-volt DC power supply but it can also be used with D
batteries (the battery pack is hidden on the bottom of the plant) It can be
setup in minutes just plug and play and takes no special training to use.

Includes: 2.4 GHZ Receiver with RCA connectors and
power supply.


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