PTZ Camera - WV-CS854A
General Information

Panasonic introduces the WV-CS854A unitized color dome camera. This all-in-one unit with a 1/4- type color CCD camera, 22x zoom lens, and rotating chassis is packed
inside a sleek 110mm (4.3-inch) diameter housing that fits discretely in almost any location. Our newly developed Super DynamicII capabilities give the WV-CS854A a dynamic range 64 times that of conventional cameras. The WV-CS854A can deliver fullcolor images in light as low as 1lx (0.1fc) and black and white images in extremely low lighting conditions of 0.06lx (0.006fc). It\’s the ideal camera for 24-hour surveillance. With its full 360 horizontal rotation, 180 vertical pan, and 300/second speed, surveillance of any subject is constant and continuous. Physical contact-free and optical video signal transfer type SLIP RING system provides noiseless imaging and increased reliability over mechanical versions. New Privacy Zone Masking and Patrol Learn features equip the WV-CS854A to go beyond standard surveillance
monitoring, and the new image hold function lessens picture distortions during fast motion transitions. The Panasonic WV-CS854A, the answer for today\’s ever
expanding need for high-performance surveillance products.


Compact 110mm (4.3″) diameter dome-sized all-in-one color unit.
Built-in Super DynamicII function has 64 times wider dynamic range when compared to a conventional camera.
570-line at B/W and 480-line at color imaging horizontal resolution.
Built-in Digital-FLIP by memory read out allows automatic 180-degree turn.
IP52 drip proof environmental structure.
Can automatically or manually select color or B/W capturing by removal of the IR filter ; 0.06 lx (0.006 fc) at B/W or 1 lx (0.1 fc) at color imaging (at sensitivity 2x up).
Privacy zone masking function.
Linear 32x electronic sensitivity enhancement function.
Built-in motion detector.
Patrol Learn function.
Auto panning function with 64 preset positions.
Panning speed of max. 300 degree/s at preset mode.
Image hold function during panning (NEW).
22x optical zoom lens (3.79 – 83.4mm at F1.6) plus 10x electronic digital zoom for total zoom capacity of 220x.
Auto focus lens.
Multiplex-coaxial or RS485 data communication.
Four (4) alarm inputs and two (2) outputs terminals.
16 alphanumeric character display.
OpticalSLIP RING System.
24V AC, 60Hz power source.
Optional smoke and mirror type dome covers are available.

PTZ Camera – WV-CS854A
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