PTZ Camera - SD53C22
General Information

Spectra III SE features multiple back box configurations and three auto focus, high-resolution dome drives with programmable software.

Spectra III SE’s back box models feature built-in memory to store camera and location-specific dome settings, including labels, presets, patterns, and zones. These settings are automatically downloaded if a new dome drive is installed. Two new back box models have been added to the line: an environmental in-ceiling model for outdoor soffits and an indoor surface mount model that installs quickly and easily to any type of ceiling.

All cameras in Spectra III SE dome drives feature LowLight Technology. The color/black-white model features a 23X lens, builtin motion detection and 80X wide dynamic range imager. Two standard cameras, available in color or monochrome, feature 22X lens and Exview HAD imagers for increased sensitivity.

Spectra III SE dome systems feature many new software enhancements that increase performance and make programming and operation easy. Window blanking allows a user to program up to eight, four-sided, user-defined privacy areas. Password protection prevents unauthorized users from changing the system settings.

Other new features include an on-screen compass and tilt display; Multilanguage menus programmable for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and German; and an RJ-45 data port for software uploads and on-site setup and programming.

Spectra III SE’s variable speed capabilities range from a smooth, fast pan motion of 360 degrees per second to a smooth creep speed of .1 degree per second. The system is capable of 360 degrees rotation and has an auto flip feature that allows the dome to rotate 180 degrees and reposition itself for uninterrupted viewing of any subject that passes directly beneath the dome.


Three Auto Focus, High-Resolution Integrated Camera/Optics Packages; Five Back Box Models
Color/Black and White, 80X Wide Dynamic Range, and Motion Detection (SD53CBW Series)
Built-in Back Box Memory
ExView HAD CCD (SD53M22 and SD53C22 Series)
Window Blanking
Horizontal and Zone Blanking
RJ-45 Data Port for Software Update and Setup
On-Screen Compass and Tilt Display
Multi-Language On-Screen Menus
Password Protection
Freeze Frame During Presets
7 Alarm Inputs; 2 Programmable Auxiliary Outputs
Built-in Power Line Surge and Lightning Protection
Easy to Install Quick and Simple Electrical Connections
Indoor/Outdoor Applications
Optional UTP Video Converter
Third-Party Fiber Modules
Heavy-Duty and Stainless Steel Models Available

Available Models
Back Box Color Lower Dome Color 23X Color/B-W 22X Color 22X Monochrome
White Smoked SD53CBW-SMW-0 SD53C22-SMW-0 SD53M22-SMW-0
White Clear SD53CBW-SMW-1 SD53C22-SMW-1 SD53M22-SMW-1
White Chrome SD53CBW-SMW-2 SD53C22-SMW-2 SD53M22-SMW-2
White Gold SD53CBW-SMW-3 SD53C22-SMW-3 SD53M22-SMW-3

Black Smoked SD53CBW-SMB-0 SD53C22-SMB-0 SD53M22-SMB-0
Black Clear SD53CBW-SMB-1 SD53C22-SMB-1 SD53M22-SMB-1
Black Chrome SD53CBW-SMB-2 SD53C22-SMB-2 SD53M22-SMB-2
Black Gold SD53CBW-SMB-3 SD53C22-SMB-3 SD53M22-SMB-3

PTZ Camera – SD53C22
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