Night Vision Camera - EX36

General Information

The EX36 camera ensures a usable high signal / low noise picture under bright light and no light conditions. One single plug-in device provides the camera, lens and infrared to capture a picture in the dark at distances from 5 feet to 150 feet using low voltage and minimum power.

45 deg tilt to view the ENTIRE room including underneath the camera itself.
Improved Infrared Light Distribution
Better Low-Noise Video Compact Design
84 Infrared LED Illuminators
10\’x15\’ full coverage in total darkness
Wide angle LED option for small room installations
1/4″ Lexan window
Internal pan-tilt device for slight camera adjustments
Hi / Low Switchable I.R. Light Modes
Photocell Controlled
Easy Lens Access
Painted Aluminum Finish
Vandal Resistant Screws

Night Vision Camera – EX36
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