Night Vision Camera - EX-UF500


The UF500 series of illuminators for CCTV applications is specially designed
for covert or semi-covert operations using special gold optics and high
efficiency quartz halogen bulbs for unsurpassed night viewing up to 200 meters
and 60 wide. The unique cosec2 lens reverses the inverse square law to provide
evenly distributed illumination from the foreground to background for the
entire scene. The shorter and thicker bulb filaments operating at lower
voltages and temperatures are less vulnerable to shock and vibration. The
result of these features is a high-performance illuminator with 40% higher
efficiency and 50% longer life than traditional illuminators.

The UF500, patented by DERWENT, is the favored illuminator in the UK where night-time video monitoring
is broadly utilized for proactive policing.


High output
to 200+ meters (dual lamp, 10 beam) Range of beam patterns from spot to wide
angle Range of filters from 730 nm to covert 950 nm Low operating cost, using less
power Balanced illumination – no foreground overexposure Rugged and
weatherproof Long bulb life at 3,000 hours Low operating voltage at 28 VAC
Extends the dynamic range of CCD cameras in night time conditions Applications:
Night-time surveillance where normal lighting is too expensive or prohibited
Covert surveillance in a wide range of outdoor conditions Prison properties
School ground properties Airport grounds where visible lighting is prohibited
Police surveillance to streets and buildings Enhancement to motorized
pan-tilt-zoom cameras for low-light and backlight conditions In the monitor
photo of a dark night-time scene, the vehicle at 150 feet (50 m), the person at
300 feet (100 m) and the fence at 500 feet (160 m) are all clearly visible
because of the even-illumination provided by dual 830 nm UF500 infrared lamps.

Bulb Life: 3000 Hours

Night Vision Camera – EX-UF500
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