DVR security system - DVR-16

General Information

is an economical digital video recorder that\’s perfect for the small-business
owner. Besides normal recording and searching capabilities, it offers two
valuable one-button functions: image printing and evidence CD creation. You can
use the easy VCR-like controls to program separate record rate, mode and
resolution settings for each camera, or just power up StoreSafe
and let the built-in AutoInstall feature
self-configure your recorder. And with WaveReader
software, you can use a PC to control your recorder across a network or a
dial-up connection.Features and BenefitsBuilt-in,
front-loading CD-R with one-button video copy One-button printing capability
Email notification upon alarm, video loss, change of record status and more
Triplex Operation – Simultaneous Record/Playback and Live view

DVR security system – DVR-16
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