DVR Security system - DVMRe-10eZT
General Information

The new eZ series digital video multiplexer and recorders are ideal for small businesses like coffee shops, banks, convenience stores and gas stations. They’re also great for larger organizations with applications that don’t require a full range of features. They feature simplified programming and setup while still including the most popular features from our other DVMR models but at a more economical price.

The eZ series DVMRs combine a video multiplexer and digital recorder in one unit. Connect up to 16 cameras (10 with the 10eZ). Then connect one or two monitors. At startup, the DVMR configures itself and stands by in event mode. If any activity takes place in a camera’s field of view, the eZ begins recording the action at one frame per second. Push play and it immediately plays back the last recording.Digital recording sets you free from videotapes. That means no tapes to jam, break or lose. No tapes to stack and store. And no tape heads to clean or replace. It also means that no matter how many times you watch video from your eZ series DVMR, the quality won’t deteriorate there are no tapes to wear out.

Both eZ series DVMRs are Ethernet ready. That means you can connect them to your network and view live or recorded images with a PC using the WaveReader software supplied with your eZ series DVMR. In fact, if you have several eZs connected to your network, you can view live or recorded video from any of them from any PC in your network. You never have to leave your desk. This exciting new unit has the capability to send live or prerecorded video thru the internet.


Combines a 10- or 16-camera video multiplexer and digital recorder
80, 160, or 320 GB hard drive
Real-time recording or time-lapse recording from 30 pps (2-hour) to 0.125 pps (960-hour) mode
Event or continuous recording
Ethernet network capability, TCP/IP protocol

The DVMR displays live video from as many as 16 cameras in multiscreen, full-screen or sequencing full-screen modes. At the same time, the DVMR records high-resolution pictures from all cameras to its built-in 30, 80 or 160 GB hard drive.

And it does more: The DVMR delivers a crisp 720×484 pixel resolutionЂbetter than an S-VHS VCR and virtually noise free. It also eliminates the high failure rates associated with analog VCRs. And because it digital, you can say goodbye to the hassles of tapes. No more jammed tapes, and no more tape heads to clean or replace.

DVMRe-eZ: ready for your network
The in Calibur DVMRe models means they’re Ethernet ready. With a desktop PC and our WaveReader software, you can connect to any DVMRe in your network. You can even connect to a remote DVMRe with a modem over standard telephone lines. Once connected, you can view live or recorded images from the DVMRe while it continues to record new images. And you can save images or clips to your PC hard drive and view them later.

The WaveReader software also lets you search the DVMRЂs contents by event and ATM or POS text. And a graphical disk analysis screen helps you conduct quick visual searches.

More Features

WaveStudio The new WaveStudio utility lets you select an image from the WaveReader display to examine more closely. You can even enhance the image by adjusting sharpness, contrast, colors and other variables.
Live look-in through your network
Continue recording while you review, retrieve, and store images on your network
WaveReader software included
Wavelet compression

DVR Security system – DVMRe-10eZT
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