DVR Security system - Digital Sprite 2

General Information

Digital Sprite 2 combines digital multiplexing, digital recording, multiple-user network viewing and dome control in a single, easy to use and install, cost-effective package. Digital Sprite 2 provides true flexibility by functioning as either a standalone plug and play system, or the ideal platform for digital system integration. Built-in network video transmission, including bandwidth limitation offers matrix-style multiple user network viewing and control. Supplied free with Digital Sprite 2 the IR remote gives the operator front panel control of multiple racked units with no need for additional wires or cabling, and the new ergonomically designed keyboard can be used to control up to 16 units. A multi-directional joystick delivers swift, seamless control of leading manufacturer\’s domes. Up to two internal hard disks and the ability to archive to external RAID units can provide up to 8 months high quality, continuous digital recording. All hard disk recordings have a digital signature applied and are accessible to the user at the touch of one button or via powerful GOTO and event preview facilities. Events can be copied to external archive media as standard JPEG images for PC playback. New network remote support provides an excellent training and diagnostics tool. Digital Sprite 2 together with free DM Network viewer software enables system adjustments to be made remotely over the network. One user may connect to the unit in a password protected admin mode that allows direct access to the menus. System adjustments can then be made remotely over the network without the need for a site visit.


Instantly familiar digital video multiplexing
50pps record rate (PAL), 60pps (NTSC) – Allows a higher rate to be achieved across multiple cameras.
Fast access of up to 7 weeks of high quality digital recordings*
All recordings to hard disk have a digital signature applied at source
Network Remote Support allows one admin user to access directly the menu system on the unit, allowing system changes to be made remotely
File export of digitally signed images over the network
Archive to RAID** or CD-R
Alarm notification via e-mail
IR Remote control offers front panel control including playback and view of event log
Audio Recording
Variable Record Rate allows the record priority to be set per camera, giving greater flexibility to the user to designate a higher update rate to critical areas

* 500GB model, video recorded using standard settings** External RAID Devices:

DVR Security system – Digital Sprite 2
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