Day/Night Camera - WDB-5007S

General Information

The WDB-5007S is a weatherproof high-resolution low
light video camera with IR illuminators. Its 430 lines of resolution will give
you a crystal clear picture during the day and the high output illuminators
will brighten the dark night. The 56 build in IR LED illuminators will allow
you to see in the dark (0 LUX)in distances up to 24
FT. Its compact weatherproof housing makes this camera ideal for numerous indoor
and outdoor applications. It operates on 12 volts DC power supply.
Dimension: 3.7 inches in diameter by
2.7″ long.
Includes: 12 Volt
power supply, 25 feet RCA video cable for easy connection to TV or VCR.

Day/Night Camera – WDB-5007S
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