Day/Night Camera - CC3751H-2
General Information
The CC3751H-2 and CC3651H-2X have a 1/3-inch imager and produce a horizontal resolution of 480 TV lines. Special camera settings include electronic shutter control, phase adjustment, enhanced sharpness, long line compensation, backlight compensation, and automatic gain control. The cameras also have a direct drive/auto iris lens connector and adjustable back focus for C/CS lenses. Back focus adjustment is simple with the easy-to-grip thumb wheel, accessible from the top or bottom of the camera.

Product Features
Compact Body Style, Shorter Overall Than Most Full-Featured CCD Cameras
1/3-Inch Format CCD Imager
C/CS Lens Mount
24 VAC/12 VDC Power
Line Lock With Phase Adjustment
Backlight Compensation
Horizontal Resolution of 480 TV Lines
For Use with Direct Drive and Auto Iris Lenses or Fixed/Manual Iris Lenses
Removable Top/Bottom Mount
Low Profile Mounting Block
Optional Integral Feedthrough Mount

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the CC3751H-2 and CC3651H-2X color cameras have extended digital slow shutter (DSS) settings to enhance the low-light performance of the camera. DSS settings slow the picture frame rate and increase the camera’s sensitivity in low light conditions. Light sensitivity increases as the
number of fields of integration increase.

The cameras have four DSS settings:
Off to disable the DSS mode
Four fields of integration maximum (1/15-second update rate)
Fifteen fields of integration maximum (1/4-second update rate)
Thirty fields of integration maximum (1/2-second update rate)

Day/Night Camera – CC3751H-2
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