General Information


The EH5700 Series are
indoor/outdoor enclosures designed for use with PelcoЂ™s medium- and heavy-duty
pan/tilts or fixed mounts. Constructed of aluminum and available in a 23-inch
(58.42 cm) length (EH5723) and 29-inch (73.66 cm) length (EH5729),
these enclosures are designed to accept larger format cameras with either fixed

length lenses or motorized zoom lenses. The
enclosure opens from the rear. The forward-opening lid allows for maximum
accessibility during installation and when camera and lens adjustments are
necessary. A gas spring securely holds the lid when fully opened. The lid is
secured with side-mount link-lock latches. If

desired, the latches can be secured with a
padlock of suitable size for additional security. All models feature an
adjustable camera sled with a built-in elevation

block that can be removed and inverted.

The EH5700 Series enclosures
are available with a full complement of accessories which include blower,
heater, window defroster, sun shroud, window wiper,

preset lens wiring harness, 120 VAC
outlet, and thermal insulation.

The EH5700 Series can be used
in fixed mount applications or mounted to a PT570 Series medium duty pan/tilt
or PT1250 Series heavy duty pan/tilt.


Product Features

All-Aluminum Construction

Gas-Spring-Assisted Forward-Opening Lid


Cable Entry Glands and Mounting Holes Located on Bottom of Enclosure

Link-Lock Latches for Security

Designed for Indoor/Outdoor Applications

For Use with Fixed Mount or Pan/Tilt

Special Options Include 120 VAC Outlet, Preset Lens Wiring
Harness, and Window Wiper


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