For a stunning and highly secure touchscreen lock, the Schlage Connect Deadbolt is the best choice for you.

Schlage-Connect-Touchscreen-DeadboltThe Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt is a work of art in the world of locks. It utilizes state of the art technology, while remaining incredibly simple to install and operate. It features a strong motorized deadbolt, which is locked and unlocked by code.

This is a perfect high-tech, low maintenance lock to secure your residential property.

Touchscreen Security

The Connect keypad is operated by touchscreen. You simply enter a code to unlock the deadbolt. Friends and family are also able to gain access without a key, and the lock is programmable with up to 30 codes.

The Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt is one of the most secure and durable locks on the market today, and scores the highest rating in the industry. It is a device that you can truly trust to keep your home secure.

Built-In Advanced Alarm System

The Schlage Connect also features a built-in alarm system, which offers advanced features to protect your home against suspicious activity and break-ins. The alarm senses movements in the door, and emits an audible alert to homeowners in the event of a breach. The lock features three alarm settings:

  1. Activity Alert – Receive remote notifications if someone goes in or out of your home.
  2. Tamper Alert – Receive remote notifications if someone tampers with the lock, or if the door handle is disturbed.
  3. Forced Entry Alert – Receive remote notifications if the door is pushed with significant force.

All of these alarm options give you more control, and more security for your home.

Remote Monitoring Technology

The Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt allows you to remotely monitor your home, by connecting to Z-wave, a wireless technology that improves that safety and convenience of the device.

Simply link the lock technology to your computer, device, or smartphone, and you can monitor the alarm system remotely. You can also lock and unlock the door from your device, allowing you to give access to loved ones even when you are not at home. The Connect lock can also be programmed with your smartphone, for additional security features and customization options.

Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt
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