Corbin Russwin - ED4000Applications Designed for applications on narrow stile full glass, aluminum and metal doors in high-use and high-abuse situations, ED4000 Series devices can be teamed with a variety of Corbin Russwin trims to provide desired functions, styles and finishes in new construction and renovations, including: Schools and universities Health care facilities Government and municipal buildings Factories and warehouses Office and retail complexes Transportation facilities Hotels and conference centers Religious facilities Theaters and auditoriums ? Features Meets ANSI Grade 1 requirements Easy-to-use pushpad for quick egress and ADA compliance Low projection for barrier-free code compliance Heavy-duty construction Quiet operation Closed on all sides?no projecting parts to inhibit egress Devices accommodate various function trims for flexibility Through-bolted trims for strength, security, durability, smooth operation and easy installation Wide range of designs and finishes to match other Corbin Russwin products One-point dogging Devices satisfy UL/cUL safety requirements ?

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