Magnet Locks – General Information


Magnet locks are designed to secure any type of door or
gate that closes against a fixed stop. These products consist of an
electromagnet which mounts on a fixed frame (or mortise frame) and a strike
plate which mounts on the moving door or gate. The strike plate is delivered
with fasteners that permit it to flex so that when the door closes, it automatically
self aligns with the magnet. Magnetic force then takes over, strongly securing
the door. Release is achieved by switching off power to the magnet, most usually
done by exit switches of various kinds. The magnets have a holding force of up
to 1200 lbs. Models are available for all types of gates and doors.


Physical Installation:


Because of the wide variety of situations in which the magnet
locks may be utilized, we first survey the physical area in which it is to be
installed and determine the best method of mounting it. In this initial
planning two considerations come into play: the mounting method must be strong
enough so that the full holding power of the magnet locks can be effective, and
the magnet locks and wiring must be protected to a reasonable degree from
damage by intruders, vandals and the weather. Magnet locks are supplied with a
complete set of fasteners. Often an accessory bracket is necessary, either
purchased as an option or made up by the installer.


Electrical Installation:


The magnet locks usually operates on 12/24 VDC. Today, most magnet
locks are auto-switching, which means that the device automatically detects
whether it is receiving 12 or 24 volts and draws the correct amount of current
for that voltage. Most 12/24 VDC control boxes for gate operators will provide
the power to operate the lock.


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