Magnetic Locks

Electromagnetic locks provide a great combination of safety and convenience, and are suitable for single or double doors, indoor and outdoor doors, heavy duty doors, glass doors, metal doors and gates. Mr. Locks install only high-quality magnetic locks from brands that you can trust.

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Magnetic Locks Installation: Mr. Locks can help you to choose the right magnetic door locks to meet your needs and the building requirements. Our professional locksmiths can install secure and elegant magnetic locks for your office, business or for other industrial / commercial facility.

Magnetic Locks Repair & Replacement: We also offer magnetic lock repairs and replacements if your maglock is broken, or is not holding or releasing. In case your maglock is not working properly, we can send a technician to diagnose the problem and repair or replace the faulty parts.

We work with leading manufacturers to maintain the highest standard of quality, including SDC, Schlage, Locknetics, Securitron, ENFORCER & Seco-Larm, CRL (C.R. Laurence), Sargent and more.


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We are proud to carry and install magnetic locks from the following high-quality manufacturers:

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How Do Magnetic Locks Work?

Magnetic locks utilize a powerful electromagnetic current that keeps the door firmly locked with hundreds of pounds of force. The most magnetic locks available with a holding force of 300lb, 600lb, 1200lb and 1800lb.

To open the door, simply use a card or keypad to activate the control button. When you are close enough with your card/keyfob, or by typing a code, the current will be reduced, and the door will open with just a light push. Magnetic locks have no interconnecting parts, meaning they are easy to install and maintain, while still being incredibly durable.


Magnetic lock - 1500 SeriesMagnetic lock – 1500 SeriesMagnetic locks – Universal Top Jamb Kits
Magnetic Locks - 1511Magnetic Locks – 1511Sdc Emlock Magnetic Lock, 1650 Lbs , 748 Kg Holding Force, Single Door Versions
Magnetic Lock - 1512Magnetic Lock – 1512Sdc Emlock Magnetic Lock, 1650 Lbs, 748 Kg Holding Force, Of Double Doors.
Magnetic lock - 15131513Sdc Emlock Magnetic Lock, 1650 Lbs, 748 Kg Holding Force, Single With Split Armature
Magnetic lock - 15651565Sdc Emlock Magnet Lock Concealed Mortise Mount 2700 Lbs
Magnetic lock - 15711571Sdc Emlock Magnet Lock – 1200 Lbs, 544 Kg Holding Force Single Door
Magnetic lock - 15721572Sdc Emlock Magnet Lock – 1200 Lbs, 544 Kg Holding Force For Double Doors
Magnetic lock - 15731573Sdc Emlock Magnet Lock – 1200 Lbs, 544 Kg Holding Force For Double Doors
Magnetic lock - 15751575Sdc Gates Security 1200 Lib 544 Kg Holding Force
Magnetic lock - 34 series34 seriesMagnet Lock For Sliding Doors, Securitron Offers Recessed Mounting And Results In 600 Pounds Of Esthetically Concealed Holding Power
Magnetic lock - 62 series62 seriesSecuritron Offers Higher Security Magnet Lock With 1,200 Pounds Holding Force. Entry Cannot Be Forced Before The Door Or Frame Gives Way
Magnetic lock - 82 series82 series1,800 Pounds Of Esthetically Concealed Holding Power, Maximum Magpower! Anywhere An Extra Margin Of Strength Is Required
Magnetic lock - 83108310Alphas Single Door Magnetic Opener With 1,500 Pounds Of Holding Force. It Is A Dual 12 Or 24Vdc, Ul Listed.
Magnetic Locks
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