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Coaxial Type Apt. Video Monitor Station. White Color. Built-in Electric Buzzer Signal or optional Alphatone Chime Signal. Can be desk mounted with optional adaptor.
The Alpha Communications/S.T.R. VMH25AWH (apartment house) series monitors are designed to meet virtually any requirement for video-intercom security. These attractive monitors are surface mounted right on the wall (without any backbox required). Monitors can be changed to desk mount with the addition of a model TZ25WH desk adaptor. For new construction applications, where a rough-in box is required, these monitors may be mounted over the optional model VBB flush housing. All VMH25A series monitors feature a crystal clear 4.0″ black and white flat screen monitor (measured diagonally), textured finish handset (to minimize scratches and fingerprints), electric buzzer signaling (adjustable), heavy duty coiled cord with strain relief and two (2) momentary button switches. These switches can be used for door release or other signaling functions, depending upon system configuration. Front mounted controls for brightness, contrast and horizontal hold, make these monitors easy to adjust to your exact viewing requirements. With the addition of a low-cost model R2007 Alphatone chime adaptor, you can easily change the electric buzzer to a modern warble chime tone sound (field replaceable).


4.0″ (diagonal) Crystal Clear Black & White video screen
Convenient Duplex Voice Operation
Easy Installation (surface or desk)
Clear Voice Fidelity using Electret Condenser Microphones
Rugged and Reliable. Simple to Operate
Monitor features quick disconnect wire harness
Low profile monitor protrudes only 2.25″ from wall
Monitors may be used with HT2006 multi-button handsets
No flush housing required
Dimensions: All VMH25A series monitors are 8.63″W (220mm) x 8.75″H (223mm) x 2.25″D (58mm). All dimensions shown are outside dimensions for the surface type monitor+handset, less the coiled cord.
Receiver: 50mm round, 45 ohms, Model HK1.
Microphone: Electret Condenser Type. MK1 series.
Push Buttons: (1) with Door Opener (KEY) symbol and (1) spare (Red Dot).
Flush Box: Model VBB. 7.13″W (182mm) x 4.38″H (112mm) x 2.75″D (70mm) wall opening. Optional for new construction or other rough-in applications.
Desk Adaptor:: Model TZ25WH (White). Optional.

ARCHITECTS\’ AND ENGINEERS\’ SPECIFICATIONSThe monitor station shall be Alpha Communications/S.T.R. VMH25AWH (apartment house) type. Monitor shall be surface (or desktop) mounted. Monitor shall include a high quality 4.0″ flat screen. Monitors using mirrors or other non-flat type screens shall not be acceptable. Monitor handset shall feature electret condenser microphone for exceptional voice fidelity. Handsets that include carbon transmitter or other voice technologies shall not be acceptable. Handset shall have a textured finish and heavy-duty coiled cord. Handset shall include a door release (KEY SYMBOL) button and auxiliary (RED DOT) push button. Push buttons shall be clearly visible and shall be marked in a different color. Handset shall include an adjustable volume AC buzzer (or optional R2007 Alphatone chime adaptor). Front mounted controls shall be supplied for brightness, contrast and horizontal hold.

VCU6 Amplifier/Power Supply (1 required for each 70 or less apt. monitors), which installs in a separate central equipment location. Requires SS146 transformer for power.
VDU4 4-Port Video Distributor. 1 required for each 4 video risers/lines if there will be more than 1 video riser/line. Installs adjacent to VCU6 amplifier/power supply.
DO-001 (or equivalent) 16VAC Door Release. Lobby Video Entry Panel (1 per building entry).
RC013 75-ohm End-Of-Line Resistor. 1 required for each video riser/line. Installs onto VM104 at end of each video riser/line.
SS146 16VAC (40VA) Plug-in Transformer. U.L. Listed One (1) required for each VCU6.
TU1007A Multi Entrance Audio Adaptor. Used when switching audio and door release between two or more entrance stations. Used in addition to VCU6 power supply. Use one (1) for (2) entrances, use two (2) for (3-4) entrances, use three (3) for (5-6) entrances and use four (4) for (7-8) entrances.
DPS-2 Multi Entrance Video Adaptor. Used when switching video between two entry panels. Used in addition to VCU power supply. Use one (1) for (2) entrances, use two (2) for (3-4) entrances, use three (3) for (5-6) entrances and use four (4) for (7-8) entrances. Use in addition to the TU1007A audio switcher(s).
TZ25WH Monitor Desk Adaptor. Used when the monitor needs to be desk mounted.
PK407A Specialty Relay Adaptor. Used when connecting a door opener other than a 16VAC type to system. One (1) required for each building entry door opener.
R2007 Alphatoneў Signal Adaptor. Used in place of the standard buzzer supplied with each handset, to produce a warble tone sound instead of the buzzer sound. This unit is a field-installed item, installed by the contractor.

WIRING REQUIREMENTS:Apartment riser wiring shall be 4-common #22AWG, 2-common #18AWG, 1-RG59/U (all copper minimum 95% braid) coaxial cable common and 1 selective wire #22AWG, for each video monitor station connected to the riser cable. Add one (or more) additional common wires if the \’Red Dot\’ button on the handset will be used (or any additional buttons such as those on the HT2006 series handsets).

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