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European Style Aluminum panels with illuminated buttons, plastic speaker grille and built-in CCD camera. Used primarily with the S.T.R. type video-intercom systems
The Alpha Communications/S.T.R. TTV/TTMV series video entrance panels are rugged extruded aluminum entrance stations equally suited for indoor or direct outdoor applications. Standard finish is Dark Brown Anodized Aluminum. White, Natural Aluminum, Black or other custom colors are also available at extra cost. All TTV and TTMV (M=modular style) panels feature oversized, gold-plated, self-wiping, illuminated call buttons, European styling, mylar loudspeaker, electret condenser microphone for exceptional voice fidelity, and a built-in black and white CCD camera with infrared illuminators. TTV series panels are built in a 1-piece construction in a flush configuration only, and can be custom-sized for special applications. These attractive but rugged panels can be made with any number of buttons in almost any configuration. TTMV (with speaker/microphone) and TBM (button only) series panels are (flush mount typeonly) modular, snap-together panels which can be ganged up to form virtually any size panel required, using the model FBC flush box snap-on connectors. All panels are available with information modules, built-in privacy handsets, annunciator lights, and a host of other optional features. Flush panels are framed by thick (15mm square) extruded aluminum channels. Surface panels are framed by thick (38mm square) extruded aluminum channels. All panels feature a 2mm thick solid aluminum faceplate.

Rugged Extruded Aluminum Construction
Built-in High Quality CCD Camera with Infrared Illuminators
Easy Installation (Flush)
Can be used indoors or directly outdoors
Clear Voice Fidelity
Large, Illuminated Gold-Plated Call Buttons
Available in Any Number of Buttons
Available in a Wide Variety of Colors and Options
Dimensions: Depends upon panel configuration.
Receiver: 50mm or 70mm round, 45 ohm or 16 ohm, depending upon panel type/configuration.
Microphone: Electret Condenser type.
Pushbuttons: Individually replaceable SPST momentary type, with gold-plated self-wiping contacts.

ARCHITECTS\’ AND ENGINEERS’ SPECIFICATIONSThe entry panel stations shall be Alpha Communications/S.T.R. TTV or TTMV series. Panel shall contain ___ push-buttons and shall be flush mounted. Panels shall contain a built-in CCD camera with infrared illuminators, mylar cone loudspeaker and electret condenser microphone (or other optional speaker components) for exceptional voice fidelity. Panel color shall be Brown (standard) (or optional White, Natural Aluminum, Black or other custom, extra-cost finish). Panels shall contain large, illuminated momentary call buttons with self-wiping gold-plated contacts. Panels shall be suitable for indoor or direct outdoor mounting. All panels shall be supplied with the appropriate flush mounting backbox. Buttons shall allow for easy name insertion by the use of snap-on/off polycarbonate button covers. All modular style panels shall be supplied with a suitable number of FBC flush box connectors clips to snap the modular panel sections together.

FBC Flush Box Connectors. Used with the modular ‘M’ series TTMV and TBM type panels, when more than one panel module needs to be ‘joined’ together. Each module requires a minimum of 3- FBC connectors.

WIRING REQUIREMENTS:Depends upon apartment stations and amplifier being used.

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