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Used in addition to many different apt. intercom stations to provide a visual call signal for the hearing-impaired. Mounts on 2 gang flush electrical back box.
The Alpha Communications/Tektone LI404B strobe adaptor is a high-intensity remote visual signaling device for use with apartment intercom stations that are powered by the PK543, PK292, PK205 and PK104B type amplifiers. They can also be used on systems utilizing one or more PK502B multi-entrance switching adaptors. The LI404B strobe is primarily for use in locations where hearing-impaired persons require supplemental call notification, but can be used anywhere that a visual indication of an incoming call is desired. The bright strobe flashes once per second, for approximately 10 seconds, when an incoming call tone is detected. The LI404B strobe can be installed over most standard single or double gang flush electrical boxes or over double gang surface type boxes. It is not a weather proof device and should not be used in any outdoor locations. Installation is made easy by use of simple connections to the premounted circuitry and a complement of mounting hardware. The LI404B\’s strobe light portion meets A.D.A. and U.L. 1971 requirements.

High-Intensity strobe meets A.D.A. and U.L. requirements
Easy installation
Advanced design
Flashes once per second for 10 seconds
Can be surface or flush mounted
Works with a variety of apartment stations and amplifiers

Dimensions: Height: 5.60″ (143mm)
Width: 4.60″ (117mm)
Projects: 2.25″ (58mm) from mounting surface
Construction: Rugged ABS plastic casing.
Strobe: 15 cd per UL 1971 requirements
Power: 24VDC, 135mA DC nom.
Installation: Standard single or double gang (flush) electrical box or double gang (surface) electrical box.

Auxiliary strobe adaptor unit shall be Alpha Communications/Tektone model LI404B or approved equal. The strobe unit shall be molded of high-impact, flame retardant ABS plastic, and can be flush mounted over a single or dual gang electrical back box. The strobe unit can be surface mounted over a dual gang surface electrical back box. A built-in timer circuit shall cause the strobe to flash once per second (for approximately 10 seconds), once a call tone signal has been detected. Unit shall be used in addition to the apartment intercom station.
PK543or PK292or PK205or PK104B Amplifier (1 per system)
PK601A 24VDC power supply unit (1 per system in addition to system amplifier) NOTE: Each PK601A and each system amplifier requires either the SS102A or SS105B 16VAC Transformer.
WIRING REQUIREMENTS:In addition to the standard system wiring requirements, any apartment that has the model LI404B strobe adaptor will require 1 additional #18AWG common wire, added to the normal complement of common wires.

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