General Information

Steel 4-Wire Apt. Station with White Painted Finish. Flush Mounts over existing Flush backboxes. Features plastic push-buttons and ABS plastic speaker grille.
The IR087 apartment stations are designed specifically for renovation use and are large enough to cover the area occupied by most existing intercom units, making repainting unnecessary. The reduced wiring requirement permits using the existing wiring (if in good condition), while the advanced electronic design permits use in large or small buildings. A wide variety of optional accessories is available to provide additional functions such as multi-entrance operation, postoffice door release, and magnetic (fail safe type) door release capabilities.

Simple push button operation
Automatic privacy
Easy installation
Oversized station covers most openings
Attractive White station with Steel faceplate

Dimensions: Height: 8.75″ (222mm)
Width: 6.50″ (165mm)
Projects: 0.50″ (13mm) from mounting surface
Construction: Steel face plate with white vinyl coat
Controls Individually replaceable push-buttons with self-wiping plated contacts. Identified for TALK, LISTEN and DOOR functions.
Speaker/Mic: 3.50″ (89mm) with voice response. Also used for electronic tone signal.
Mounting: Mounting holes may be positioned to accommodate an existing back box. Supplied without mounting holes (unless requested at time of order. Supplied less mounting screws.

Apartment stations shall be Alpha Communications/Tektone model IR087 or approved equal. Station shall be large enough to cover the area occupied by the previous intercom flush back box. Momentary action pushbuttons shall be provided for TALK, LISTEN, and DOOR operations. The speaker/microphone shall be a 3.5″ high-sensitivity type with voice-frequency response. Screw terminal connections shall be provided for positive wiring termination. Station shall be made of a steel faceplate with a white vinyl coated finish, with durable, high-impact plastic speaker grille.
PK543 Amplifier (1 per system)DO-001 (or equivalent) Door ReleaseSS102A or SS105B 16VAC Transformer (for PK543)Lobby Entry Panel (1 per building entry)S1 Screwdriver (if required for lobby panel)OPTIONAL COMPONENTS:

PK502B Multi-Entrance Relay Adaptor (use 1 for each additional entry panel after 1st panel–maximum of 8 entrances). No additional transformer needed.
PK407A Specialty Relay Adaptor. Used when connecting a door opener other than a 16VAC type to system. One (1) required for each building entry door opener.

Apartment riser wiring shall be 3-common #22AWG and 1 selective wire #22AWG, for each station connected to the riser cable. Add 1-#22AWG common if 2nd tone signal will be used with optional apartment pushbuttons, to signal apartments when visitor is at apartment door.

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