Audio and Video Intercom Systems – General Information

These days it is sometimes not enough to have a simple push-button style access control system, devices that with time are pressed automatically upon request from the door, without further inquisitions that could prove to prevent annoyances. A more sophisticated system, like audio and video intercom systems, is the perfect solution for residential access control, which could easily be implemented in commercial environments.

The audio and video intercom system allows you to identify the visitor, even visually if video intercom is implemented, and allows you to talk to the visitor prior to “buzzing” the door open, just as you would on a normal phone.It allows you to identify visitors at the door without them being aware that they are being watched and listened to, or to monitor the immediate area around the doorway. This allows you to monitor the visitors at the door even though they have not pressed the call button and can help to avoid the risk of opening the door to strangers.

Systems are available in many models, varying in colors and designs to match any specific requirement.

Common Features

 Clear voice 2-way intercom
 Real-time video surveillance night vision style infrared camera or regular color and black & white camera
 Indoor speaker and handset unit to monitor and talk to the outdoor unit
 Flat screen video monitor

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