Intercom - CM492
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Vandal-Resistant Panel. Natural Anodized Aluminum finish with metal pushbuttons and metal speaker grille. Alphabetical Directory is protected by polycarbonate.
The CM492 series Tek-Guard entrance panel is a modular style panel, for use with most open-voice (loudspeaking type) apartment intercom stations. CM490 panels are equipped with a weather-resistant mylar cone speaker protected by a louvred style aluminum speaker grille, and solid aluminum (black anodized) pushbutton plungers with apartment designations permanently engraved, to resist vandalism. Alphabetical directory modules make finding the tenant\’s push-button very easy, even in larger buildings. CM492 series panels are available with a variety of module and frame/housing configurations. Modules beginning with the model CM490 are button modules only, with no speaker. CM490 modules are available with 4 to 80 buttons (in multiples of 4). Modules beginning with the model CM492 have a 45-ohm speaker and can accomodate 4-60 buttons (in multiples of 4). For modules requiring a speaker only with no buttons, use model #AM492. Directory strips can easily be inserted into the model #AM190D (60-name capacity) directory modules using optional engraved plastic directory strips (model #TDS) and fill-in directory blanks (model #TDS-B). CM490, CM492, AM190D and AM492 modules must be installed into a flush or a surface panel frame. Flush panels require an OF190 series frame, with the OH190 series flush housing. Surface panels require an OF190S series surface frame only, and do not require a back box.


Vandal-Resistant with Metal Buttons and Metal Speaker Grille
Hands-Free Loudspeaking
Weather-resistant Mylar Speaker
Self-Wiping Pushbuttons
Permanently Engraved Metal Buttons
Alphabetical Directories
Flush and Surface Models Available
Modular Construction allows use in almost any size building


Dimensions: Height: 19.00″ (483mm)
Width: Depends upon number of modules wide.
Depth: 4.00″ (102mm) (Flush Housings)
Projects: 2.25″ (58mm) (Surface Mount Frames)
Construction: Anodized extruded aluminum panel/faceplate.
Pushbuttons: Individually replaceable plastic type with self-wiping contacts, with solid aluminum pushbutton plungers (Black Anodized), with apartment designations permanently engraved.
Speaker: 3.50″ (89mm) 45 ohm, mylar cone, Model #SK004/PL194 (with mounting plate).
Housings: OH190 series, for flush style OF190 frames only.

Entrance panels shall be Alpha Communications /Tektone CM492 Tek-Guard series or approved equal, and shall provide (___) pushbuttons in total (in multiples of 4). Panels shall be modular style, and shall include a CM492 speaker/button module (or AM492 speaker only module) and CM490 button only modules and AM190D alphabetical directory modules as required, as well as a weather-resistant mylar speaker behind a louvred style aluminum speaker grille. Pushbuttons shall be individually replaceable plastic type, with self-wiping contacts, with solid extruded aluminum pushbutton plungers in a black anodized finish. Apartment markings shall be permanently engraved into the pushbutton plungers. Directory modules shall be protect- ed by a clear sheet of polycarbonate plastic. The panels shall be provided with the appropriate OF190 (Flush) or OF190S (Surface) panel frame. Flush panels shall be supplied with the appropriate (OH190 series) flush back box. Contractor shall provide a model S1 screwdriver, to the building management, for any future directory name replacement or maintenance required.


S1 Screwdriver (for installation/maintenance).
AM190D 60-Name Capacity Alphabetical Directories
OF190S——OR——OF190 Series Surface Panel Frame. Available up to 11 modules.Series Flush Panel Frame. Available up to 11 modules &
OH190 Series Flush Housing–not required for surface panels.

Depends upon apartment stations and amplifier being used.

Intercom – CM492
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