Intercom - AM612
General Information

Economy Style Panel. Natural Anodized Aluminum finish with plastic pushbuttons and plastic speaker grille. Used with open-voice type stations only.
The AM612 series entrance panel is a one-piece panel, for use with most open-voice (loud-speaking type) apartment intercom stations. AM612 panels are equipped with a weather-resistant mylar cone speaker protected by a BLACK flame retardant poly-carbonate plastic speaker grille. AM612 panels are available in two sizes. The 11.25″H version is available from 2 to 8 push-buttons, and the 19.00″H version is available from 10 to 16 pushbuttons. Both sizes are 4.75″W. Alongside each plastic pushbutton is a name holder, made of BLACK flame retardant poly-carbonate plastic with a transparent flame retardant polycarbonate plastic cover. Names can easily be inserted using paper tabs (supplied) or optional engraved plastic nameplates (model#AMNP). AM612 panels are available in a flush or surface configuration. Add the suffix \’S\’ to the model number for the surface version. Flush models require a flush back box (model #OH600 or#OH601). Surface models do not require any back box or housing.


Our Lowest Cost Entry Panels
Hands-Free Loudspeaking
Weather-resistant Mylar Speaker
Self-Wiping Plastic Pushbuttons
Ultra Modern Styling
Flush and Surface Models Available
Surface Models are Slim-Line type and do not require any backbox


Dimensions: Height: 11.25″ (286mm) up to 8 buttons 19.00″ (483mm) 10 to 16 buttons
Width: 4.75″ (121mm)
Depth: 2.00″ (51mm) (When Flush Mounted)
Projects: 2.00″ (51mm) (Surface Mount Models)
Construction: Anodized extruded aluminum panel/faceplate, with BLACK flame retardant polycarbonate top and bottom decorative end caps.
Pushbuttons: Individually replaceable plastic type with self-wiping contacts.
Speaker: 2.50″ (64mm) 45 ohm, Mylar Cone, model #SK024.
Housings: OH600 for 2-8 button Flush AM612 panel. OH601 for 10-16 button Flush AM612 panel.

Architects\’ and Engineers\’ Specifications
Entrance panels shall be Alpha Communications /Tektone AM612 series or approved equal, and shall provide (___) pushbuttons per panel. Panels shall include a weather-resistant mylar speaker behind a BLACK flame retardant polycarbonate speaker grille. Pushbuttons shall be individually replaceable plastic type, with self-wiping contacts. Alongside each pushbutton shall be a BLACK flame retardant polycarbonate name holder with transparent flame retardant poly- carbonate cover. The panels shall be (flush or surface) mounted. Flush models shall be supplied with the appropriate flush back box (OH600 or OH601). Contractor shall provide a model S1 screwdriver, to the building management, for any future maintenance required.

Required Components
S1 Screwdriver (for installation/maintenance). OH600 Flush Box for 2-8 button Flush AM612 panel. OH601 Flush Box for 10-16 button Flush AM612 panel.

Wiring Requirements
Depends upon apartment stations and amplifier being used

Intercom – AM612
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