Amplifier - PK-543
General Information

Amplifiers/Power Supplies/Accessories The PK543 is used with our 3,4 and 5-wire open-voice stations, primarily for use in apartment house intercoms, but can be used for small home and office intercoms.
The Alpha Communications /Tektone PK543 amplifiers are used with our standard \’IR\’ and/or \’IS\’ open-voice type apt. intercom stations, in 3-wire, 4-wire or 5-wire configurations. All three (3) types of stations can be combined on a single PK543 system (if needed). The PK543 operates on 16VAC (10VA) low-voltage Class II wiring. For permanent transformer mounting use our Model #SS102A (U.L. Listed) transformer. For plug-in transformer connection use our Model #SS105B (U.L. Listed) transformer. When using a 24VAC electric door opener instead of the normal 16VAC door opener, use the Model #SS106 tri-volt transformer instead of the SS102A or SS105B. The PK543 amplifier is U.L. and U.L.C. Listed, and C.S.A. approved, and connections are done with an advanced plug-in wiring harness connector. We also offer a factory-built portable tester, Model CP001A, to field test the PK543 amplifiers.

Easily Installs Right on Finished Wall Surface or in Certain Lobby PanelsOperates on Safe Low-Voltage Class II WiringClear Voice Fidelity with Adjustable Voice (and Tone) Volume ControlsConvenient Plug-In Wiring HarnessBuilt-in Door Opener Time Delay SwitchAC and DC Door Opener OutputsU.L. / U.L.C. Listed / C.S.A. approved

Dimensions: Height: 5.50″ (140mm)
Width: 3.13″ (83mm)
Depth: 2.00″ (51mm) from mounting surface
Construction: Rugged ABS plastic casing.
Amplification: Integrated circuit amplifier.
Call Tone: Integrated circuit oscillator with steady and warble tones available.
Door Release: AC or DC operation with DIP switch selectable time delay. P.O. door lock
release capability.
Controls: Adjustable Voice and Tone Volume Controls, Door Delay, Entrance Tone
Connections: Polarized Plug-in Wiring Harness

Architects\’ and Engineers\’ Specifications

The power supply/amplifier shall be Alpha Communications/Tektone model PK543, or approved
equal, and shall provide amplification, control and power circuits needed to operate the entire
intercom system. The amplifier shall feature integrated circuit amplification, integrated circuit call
tone oscillator, adjustable voice volume and tone volume controls. Unit will also provide for AC or
DC door release operation, selectable by terminal connection, and selectable delayed door
timing of 8 or 16 seconds, selected via the DIP switch. A steady or warble tone is available to
identify a call from the entrance panel(s) and/or call button at the apartment/suite entrance.
Low voltage wiring shall be used and a plug-in wiring harness shall be provided for installation
wiring. The PK543 shall be mountable to the rear of specifically designed apartment entrance
The PK543 amplifier shall be U.L./U.L.C. Listed and CSA approved. Contractor shall observe
all local electrical codes.

Optional Components

DO-001 (or equivalent) 16VAC Door Release.
PK502B Multi-Entrance Relay Adaptor (use 1 for each entry panel after 1st panel–maximum of
8 entrances). No additional transformer needed. Mounts near PK543 amplifier.
PK407A Specialty Relay Adaptor. Used when connecting a door opener other than a 16VAC
(or 24VAC) type to system. One (1) required for each building entry door opener.
CP001A PK543 Amplifier Tester. This is a portable tester, which can be used in the field, or on
a test bench, to test all of the functions of a PK543 amplifier. Simple, plug-in testing.

Amplifier – PK-543
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