Amplifier - PK-543
General Information

LEE DAN’s PK-543 Power Pack Intercom Amplifier is a self-contained unit not requiring an external amplifier. The PK-543 is designed for use with most 3-4-5 wire apartment stations and provides amplification control and power circuits needed to operate a complete apartment intercom system. Voice volume control and tone volume control are easily adjustable through the screwdriver slot on the front panel.
Additional functions include multi-entrance operation with the PK-502B, AC or DC door operation selectable by terminal connection with selectable delayed action door release set at the dip switch, post office door lock release and a tone signal to call remote stations. A steady or warble tone can be used to identify calling from the main entrance panel and a call button located at the suite entrance.


Size: Height: 5 1/2″H, Width: 3 1/8″W, Depth: 2″.
Construction: Rugged ABS Plastic Case.
Amplification: Integrated circuit amplifier including amplifier with frequency voice response adjusted for best voice articulation.
Call Tone: Integrated circuit oscillator.
Door Release: AC or DC operation with selectable timing.
Post Office Release: P.O. door lock release.
Manual Controls: Voice Volume, Tone Volume.
Programmable Dip Switch Controls: 1) Door Delay, 2) Short Door Time, 3) Entrance Tone, 4) not used.
Power Requirements: 16 VAC, 10VA. Connections: Polarized plug-in type for easy testing and replacement.
Mounting: Surface mount, or mountable to the rear of specifically designed apartment entrance panel speaker panels.
Replaces: LEE DAN models: PK-104B, PK-103B, PK-103A, PK-101A. Also replaces most other major brands popular models.

Architect’s and Engineer’s Specifications
The intercom amplifier shall be a LEE DAN model PK-543 or approved equal and shall provide the amplification, control and power circuits needed to operate the entire intercom system. The amplifier shall be UL 813 listed. Amplifier shall feature integrated circuit amplification, integrated circuit tone call oscillator, adjustable volume and tone volume controls. Amplifier shall provide for AC or DC door release operation selectable by terminal connection and selectable delayed door timing of 8 seconds or 16 seconds selected at the DIP switch. A steady or warble tone is available to identify calling entrance.
Low voltage wiring shall be used and plug-in type terminals shall be provided for installation wiring.
The PK-543 shall be mountable to the rear of specifically designed LEE DAN apartment entrance speaker panels.

Amplifier – PK-543
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