Commercial Door Installations & Services

Mr. Locks is a leading commercial door service provider in New York City. Business owners, builders, architects and contractors trust us to deliver full-service commercial door services using the latest high quality doors and door hardware.

We install, replace or repair commercial doors, and offer many door types and locking systems for a tailored solution. Our commercial installations include hollow metal doors, storefront doors, aluminum doors, fire-rated doors, glass doors and wood doors.

By choosing us, you take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Full-service solutions including all door hardware, security and accessories.
  • Large variety of door materials, designs and door hardware.
  • Highest quality commercial doors from known manufacturers.

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Mr. Locks Commercial Door services:

We offer commercial door installation and repair services for the following clients and buildings in New York:

  • Retailers – From mega-balls to boutique stores and everything in-between, we install high quality doors for your retail business.
  • Corporate – From single office to large corporate complexes, medical facilities and laboratories, nursing homes and public sector service buildings, you can trust Mr. Locks.
  • Hospitality and Recreation – Stylish and practical door installations for hotels, restaurants, cafes, resorts and health clubs.
  • Residential Buildings – Door installations for large residential buildings and apartment complexes. Ideal for architects and property owners.
  • Institutions – We install commercial doors for educational institutes, hospitals, financial institutes, religious buildings and buildings of cultural interest.
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