Proximity Reader - RK600


To use RadioKey 600, simply hold your key tag or card near the
Access Control Unit or the Optional Auxiliary Reader. A green light and
an audible beep indicate that access has been granted. A red light and
three short beeps indicate that access has been denied. Key tags and
cards are validated by using the Access Control Unit\’s programming keypad and
holding each key tag or card near the unit or entering its number. Key
tags or cards can also be validated or voided by using the keypad without the
use of the key tag or card.

consists of a compact, weather-resistant, surface
mounted Access Control Unit, which contains an internal reader. It can be
used alone for most applications.

optional Auxiliary Reader provides extraordinary protection against weather and
vandalism. Entry cannot be obtained by tampering with the unit when it is
externally mounted. For further protection the Auxiliary Unit can be
mounted behind glass, plastic, wood paneling, plasterboard, or other
non-metallic wall surfaces. When installed with the Auxiliary Reader the
Access Control Unit can be used as an exit reader and as an enrollment
reader. Either unit easily mounts to a single gang electrical box,
masonry wall, post, or almost any surface–there are no bulky control panels to


Low Priced Single-Door
Proximity System
Void/Valid Capability for up to
600 cards
Includes Built-In Reader and
Programming Keypad
Optional Auxiliary Reader for
High Security/Extreme Weather Conditions
Easy to Install, Low Profile,
Surface Mounted

High Security – Entry cannot be
obtained by tampering with the auxiliary reader
Up to 6″ reading distance
Password protected programming
DC power supply included
Stand-off spacer included for
mounting on metal surfaces

Proximity Reader – RK600
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