Proximity Reader - Pyramid Series
General Information

Intended for higher security applications, the P-600 Rocky Proximity Reader and Keypad and P-650
Card + PIN Proximity Reader are members of Keri Pyramid Series Proximity line of readers, cards, and
tags featuring optional HID compatibility. An industry first, it is one of the most innovative access control
products available, combining both an Essex stainless steel keypad and a Pyramid Series Proximity reader
into a single package.

The P-600 and P-650 are ideal for those applications that require both an access credential and a personal
identification number (PIN). Compatible with most manufacturers access control systems, the reader
portion of the P-600 outputs data in industry standard pass-through Wiegand data formats. Sharing the
data lines with the reader, the keypad portion of the P-600 can be formatted to transmit data in either of
two standard Wiegand data formats, 8-Bit Burst and 26-Bit Wiegand. The P-650 is a special version
designed for use with Keri PXL-250W Tiger Conroller to provide card + PIN dual verification capability
based on a pre-assigned PIN for each 26 bit card number. The P-600 and P-650 include a four-state LED
(red, green, amber and off) and audio tone. They have several built in diagnostic functions including a
start up self-check and data line test. Additionally they are available in black and off-white, allowing the
P-600 and P-650 to match virtually any office dcor.

The single-piece P-600 and P-650 deliver read ranges up to 4 inches and operates from 5 to 14 VDC at a
nominal current draw of 90 mA, allowing for flexibility in the use of power supplies. In most cases it can be
powered directly from the access control panel. The electronics are sealed in epoxy potting, making the
readers both vandal and weather resistant. Size is 3.9 x 4.4 x 0.95 inches (99 x 112 x 24mm). Its small
package size with a distinctive profile makes it a much more attractice reader to install in the workplace
than other proximity reader and keypad combinations on the market.

A complete line of access credentials that may be used interchangeably with any Pyramid Series Proximity
Reader complement the P-600 and P-650. These credentials include the PSC-1 Light Proximity Card
featuring a lifetime warranty, the dye sublimation printable ISO-thin PSM-2 Multi-Technology Proximity
Card available with a magnetic stripe, and one of the smallest, most durable credentials available, the
PSK-3 Proximity Key Ring Tag

Proximity Reader – Pyramid Series
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