Proximity Reader - AM-RPR
General Information

This remote proximity receiver allows short read ranges (3-5 inches). Mounts in a single gang box.

The Remote Proximity Receiver (Model AM-RPR) is for adding localized keyless entry to a Linear radio-based access controller. Users can gain access to a controlled entrance by triggering a transmitter within two-to-three inches of the receiver’s faceplate. Its ultra-short range allows the AM-RPR to be placed near the controlled opening, so that transmitters will not be detected by the wrong receiver.

A two-color LED on the faceplate acts as a status display. The indicator lights red when the receiver is getting dc power from the Linear access controller and turns green when access is granted to a transmitter.

Installation of the AM-RPR is easy. It mounts in a single-gang electrical box and connects to the system controller through a six-wire cable.


Convenient, cost-effective, and reliable form of door or entrance control.
2-to-3-inch radio transmitter read range.
Compatible with Linear radio-based access control systems.
2-color status LED indicates “power on” and “access granted”.
Installs in a single-gang electrical box.
Prevents transmitter from being detected by wrong receiver.

Proximity Reader – AM-RPR
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