Proximity Reader - 4205series


The lowest cost available for an advanced digital proximity reader
Read range up to 6 inches (See Read Range chart)
Twisted-pair wiring installation
Award-winning design
Weatherized version available (DR4205E)
All-weather keypad version available (DR4205K)
Works with entire line of WSE digital security management products, including: SE 422, Alto 818and NexSentry controllers, and QuadraKey, DuraKeyand NexKey control cards
Manufactured from highly durable Lexanpolycarbonate
Can be mounted and operated behind any non-metallic, non-conductive surface, including glass
Reads card through wallet or purse
Communicates with controller via WSE S-Net
Low-energy consumption via network dual twisted-pair wiring
Advanced design allows fast and easy installation
Programmable tri-color LED (green/amber/red)provides easy diagnostic feedback
Audio tone sounds when access is granted
Alarm sounds if failure is detected
Physical damage including breaking open sensor housing does not compromise system
Enter PIN code before or after proximity read(keypad version only)


Low power consumption, via S-Net twisted pair wiring, provides long-term energy savings
Easy installation
Up to 4,000 feet between controller and reader
Nearly impervious to vandalism, weather and natural disaster
4205E permits both indoor and outdoor operation
Security features and durable construction make reader virtually impossible to compromise
Priced aggressively to compete against less secure security technologies, like magnetic stripe
An attractive addition to any decor Can support multi-drop bus or 5-wire Wiegand physical interface configuration
4205K provides added security of proximity access and PIN code



5.3 x 5.74 x 1.27 in. (13.46 x 14.58 x 3.23 cm)
DR4205K: 5.3 x 5.74 x 1.50 in.
Read Range: Read ranges can vary depending on command card used, as follows:

QuadraKey: up to 4 in. (10 cm)
NexKey: up to 4 in. (10 cm)
DuraKey: up to 6 in. (15 cm)
Maximum read ranges may vary depending on physical environment of installation

Transmit frequency: 140 Khz, full-duplex operation
Receiver frequency: 70 Khz
Receiver demodulation: Phase-Shift Key (PSK) signal
Power source: 16 – 24 VDC, less than 80mA. Powered via S-Net twisted pair wiring
Power dissipation: Less that 2 watts
Interface to Controller: Dual twisted-pair (22 AWG, shielded) RS-485, S-Net communications, Wiegand communications
Controllers: SE 422, Alto 818SC, NexSentry
Indicators: Single tri-color (green/amber/red) LED, programmable
Tamper protection: Yes
Installation: Recessed, wall or glass mount, rear wire access for direct terminal connections. 0.215 in. to 0.225 in. diameter cable, sealed

Proximity Reader – 4205series
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