General Information
Designed for applications involving coverage at the threshold of a doorway, the TAKEX America, Inc. Passive Infrared Sensor detects the differential between a human body and the floor. It features several field selectable options and adjustments to make it the ideal choice for access and control applications, door strike release, alarm system shunting and automatic door operation.
The TAKEX America, Inc. PS-520 passive infrared “request-to-exit” sensor is designed using state of the art technology.

Totally Stable, Totally Reliable Dual pyroelectric sensor for increased stability against external lights. Special circuitry provides excellent immunity to RFI and other electrical noise.

Adjustable Coverage Area Adjust from straight downward \’blanket\’ covering the door to angles of 35  in front of door.

Adjustable Sensitivity Sensitivity can be easily increased or decreased on site to suit the application.

Overhead or Wall Mount Adjustable Relay Timer 0.25 to 60 second adjustment for relay hold time.

Two Relay Outputs Both normally open/normally closed.

Heavy Duty Relay Output Relay can drive up to 1 amps of current for controlling door strikes and magnetic locks.

Fail Safe – Fail Secure Selectable by DIP Switch.

Compact Design in Bronze, White, or Silver
Coverage expands as mounting height is increased. The PS 520 detects the temperature between a human body and the floor. The unit can be precisely set for detection area desired

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