Magnetic Stripe Reader - Wiegand readers

General Information

Northern Computers\’ Wiegand readers are virtually maintenance-free. Northern\’s Wiegand readers will have no continuing maintenance, repair or replacement costs. Wiegand readers offer high reliability, high security and flexibility at a reasonable cost. These readers can be used anywhere, regardless of the environment. Snow, rain, or extreme temperatures will not affect a Wiegand-based reader. Wiegand readers are not affected by radio frequency interference or external magnetic fields. You can have complete confidence in the ruggedness and reliability of these readers. Wiegand technology consists of a series of specially treated wires which are embedded in each card. This proprietary manufacturing process gives the treated wires unique magnetic properties. When the card is passed through the Wiegand reader, a sensing coil picks up the card number in the card. The reader then transmits the card number to Northern\’s access control system for processing.


Available as swipe, insertion, turnstile, or card/key systems
No encoding or programming required
Readers are weather resistant and can operate in extreme temperatures
Readers are molded of tough, high impact plastic
Cards are available in PVC construction
No mechanical parts to clean or wear out

Magnetic Stripe Reader – Wiegand readers
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