PXL-500 Tiger II Controller

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PXL-500 Tiger Controller II

high-quality, sophisticated access control systems at prices that are much less
than others How did Keri do it

Lets start with the world class hardware:
A RISC-based multiprocessor platform, resulting in the new PXL-500 Tiger II
Controller, its companion SB-593 Expansion Board, and high performance, low
cost proximity readers.

The PXL-500 Tiger Controller has all of the functionality needed to
manage a single door, alarm output, and 2 reader ports. A second door can be
added when used with SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board.

The SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board economically provides second door
control plus extra general purpose inputs and outputs.

The PXL-500 Tiger II Controller Platform
The new PXL-500 Tiger II Controller platform has taken Keri\’s acclaimed
proximity-based access control system to the next level. Strong enough to
manage a 256 door network at a single site or 256 doors per site at multiple
sites, yet tame enough to handle a single door, the PXL-500 continues Keri\’s
tradition of flexibility and expandability.

UL/CSA CERTIFICATION: The PXL-500 is UL certified under UL-508 (Control




Locking Metal Enclosure that
can also house KPS-4 Power Supply and battery

Added RAM for increased
cardholder capacity (up to 65K per controller)

integration capability with GE Interlogix/Caddx NX-8E Alarm Panel

On-board LAN socket for new low
cost LAN-500

Increased EEPROM memory to
support future enhanced firmware capabilities

Installer Features and Enhancements

Double row header pins to
ensure SB-593 is properly seated on PXL

Additional LED indicator to
confirm SB is properly seated

RS-232 connector changed from
DB-9 to quick disconnect terminal block

RS-485 continuity indicator LED

RS-485 connector different size
so as not to interconnect with power input

LCD Display moved up so as not
to hang below the PC Board


More protection for RS-485

Added relay protection for arc

Great Installation Features – Inherited from the PXL-250

On-board diagnostic tests built
into the controller firmware

Diagnostic LEDs on the controller board to assist with troubleshooting communication and
controller power issues

Automatically senses
communication method (direct connect to PC or via modem)

Auto-Configures RS-485
grounding for optimum performance – NO JUMPER SETTINGS

Quick disconnect terminals

Software auto-configures system
components, no data entry required

Push-button setting and visual
LED display of address selection – NO DIP SWITCHES


PXL-500 Tiger II Controller
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