Client Testimonials

Artimus Construction

Barry Gurvitch

“Mr Locks has been providing subcontractor services for our firm over the last seven years. Their scopes have included Security Services, Card Access Systems, as well as intercom systems. We have found them to be professional and accommodating. They have extensive follow up after the job is completed and ensure that all the systems are operating smoothly. We wholeheartedly would recommend them.”


Ryan Bennett

“I would like to personally recommend Mr.Locks for their Locksmith service and security systems services. Mr.Locks has been working with WeWork since the company’s inception three years ago and has helped us scale from 1 building in NY to 8 buildings across the U.S. The thing that sets Yaron and his team apart from other vendors is their attention to detail and their insistence on being there every step of the way. It’s comforting for me to know that I can call them in the middle of the night or anytime during the day and they always take my call and make me feel like I am their number one priority, regardless of how much they have going on.”

Fordham Bedford

Heng K. Ly

“We have worked with Mr. Locks since 2009. They have installed surveillance cameras, electronic key fobs, doors, and other hardware for both our offices and many other buildings. Managing our 100 buildings, we need relaible and quality services and Mr. Locks has been our valuable vendor thet we can access 24/7/365.”