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Door Closer in NYC

The description is as straightforward as the name itself, yet the importance and value of door closers cannot be taken lightly. Any mechanical device that is designed to close doors, when it is opened manually or automatically, is categorically termed as a ‘door closer’. Door closers have a wide array of uses and the choice of type or the door closer itself depends heavily upon the purpose of its installation.

Door closers can be broadly categorized into Manual and Automatic. While manual door closers use a compression and release mechanism of torsion spring, the speed of which is regulated by hydraulic or spring dampers. The automatic door closer on the other hand is activated or controlled by push buttons, motion detectors and various other devices to detect presence and open and close accordingly. Door closers can be:

Door Closer Surface mounted: Most overhead door closers are of this type and they can come with slide-track arm, regular arm, parallel arm or top jamb.

Door Closer Concealed in frame, floor or door: This is more common in usage and as the name suggests, the door closers are concealed in the door frame, mortices in the door or under the pivot point on the floor.

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Door Closer Installation Service

To accrue the actual benefits of door closers, it is essentially to find a door closers installation service that is high on experience and integrity. At Mr.Locks, we ensure that our customers are provided with on-time and superior services that also include the usage of branded and top-quality door closers like Norton, LCN, Arrow, CRL JACKSON, Sargent, Dor-O-Matic, Dorma and RIXSON.

Providing installation services for both commercial and residential properties, we carry all necessary surface mounted and concealed overhead closers together with other door closer parts and accessories while also ensuring that the closers meet ASNI and ADA standards. Whether you are looking for door closers for fire doors, heavy doors, frameless glass doors, upvc doors, external doors, metal doors or glass doors, the durability factors plays a major role. Our highly trained staff members are equipped with the necessary expertise to identify and guide you in this endeavor.

Door Closer Repair service

With safety and security factors reigning high, it is vital to ensure that door closers are functional at all times. Faults in door closers can arise from them becoming loose or tight or even when they lose oil through leaks. Fire doors especially need quick and immediate attention.

It is for this reason that we at Mr.Locks place immense importance in providing high value repair services to our customers. If your door closers are faulty or need replacement, reach out to us immediately and we will ensure that they are back in action in no time.

Door Closers – Applications

The most common application of door closers is on fire safety doors. Door closers effectively prevent spread of fire and smoke to other parts of the building thereby helping save precious lives and property. Majority of the countries have certain standards regulating the user of door closers for fire doors. Door closers aid disabled individuals by providing resistance to opening forces. Apart from enhancing the visual appeal of the building, door closers also aid in improving health and, well-being and security of the building occupants while also sustaining optimum room temperature and diminishing chances of vandalism.

Door Closers for sale

Here is the list of Door Closers for sale in our Mr. Locks’ Store

1600BC Norton Door Closer
Provides Narrow Styling And Installation Versatility, Clean, Distinct Lines That Blend Well With Aluminum Door And Frames.
1700 Norton Door Closer
This Series Of Door Closers Are A Narrow-Style Door Closer. Its Compact Design Is Intended For Installation On Interior Doors.
Door Closer - 7500 7500Norton Door Closer
Door Closer - 8000 8000Norton Door Closer, Designed To Offer A Wide Choice Of Application Flexibility, Available As Basic Feature Closer Series And Full Feature Closer Series.
Door Closer - 900 series 900 seriesArrow, Two Non-Critical Adjusting Valves Sweep And Latch With Thermostatic Properties Work To Provide Consistent Closing Speeds Through A Range Of Temperatures
Door Closer - DC2000 DC2000Corbin Russwin Door Closer, Effective In High Use And High Abuse Environments. Ideal For All Door Openings And Draft Conditions.
Door Closer - DC3000 DC3000Corbin Russwin Door Closer, Is The Mid-Priced Cost Effective Choice For High Traffic Situations.
Door Closer - DC4600 DC4600Proven Corbin Russwin Quality In An Economical Door Closer. Ease Of Use, Reliable Performance Make This Door Closer Ideal For Light Duty Applications.
Door Closer - M2000 M2000Rixson Surface Door Closers Heavy Duty Surface Door Closers.

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