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Locks in New York

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We at Mr. Locks offer a variety of locks to suit your need and location. They include:

  • Mortise locks: These are traditional locks which require prior cut outs in doors at the time of construction. They are comfortable and easy to handle and are mostly used for domestic locations.
  • Panic bars:  These are installed on doors in order to unlatch them. These are best used in case of emergency exit doors so that at the time of hurdling in an urgent situation they provide an instant way out.
  • Lock sets:  These are combinations of locks, handles, bolts and other requirements that are required on a single door for the perfection in locking. We have a variety of lock sets available for different kinds of usage depending on the kind of doors they have to be installed on.
  •  Dead bolt: These are locks that require the lock cylinder to be moved in the correct direction to open the door, which is quite impossible without the correct key. Therefore these kinds of locks find usage in areas or doors where entry or exit needs to be controlled.
  • Pad Lock: These are the keyed or electronic lock, which are technical improvisations on the traditional pad lock that existed. Hence they provide the strength the most trusted type of lock with the advanced look of the new times.
  • Cylinder Lock: these locks are best for fitting into those areas or doors where you do not wish to alter the already done bolt work and where you would like to install the system of using a master key for various locks.

Ensuring Business Security With Commercial Locksmiths

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Commercial locksmith experts are in great demand these days as business venture people are looking for effective means to ensure security with their business property. Professional New York locksmiths can excellently provide the various needs of their customers because of having wide and remarkable experience in the locksmith industry.

The reason why most business people avail of locksmith services is due to few alarming situations like robbery, vandalism or break-in within the commercial properties. Expert New York locksmiths are the best service providers to go contact whenever you are in need of professional locksmith services. Their services are available anytime thus they could proficiently listen to your concerns and give prior security solutions for you and your business. Commercial locksmith firms guarantee to give you the full security and protection you desire.

New York locksmith service providers are not just expert in upgrading the security lock systems your business property currently has, but they can also offer the latest security systems for you. Locksmith security consultants are capable of doing professional security system installations such as installing security cameras, upgrading access control systems, audio and video intercom systems and many more. They can help you prevent intruders from coming within your property thus ensuring you of security of your safes and other valuable belongings.

Getting in touch with an excellent New York locksmith is a trouble-free task for people because as they can directly respond to your emergency locksmith needs. So better hire a professional locksmith provider to give the things you exactly need.


Auto locksmith in NYC

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The expertise and experience in key cutting, which necessarily an art, makes us the most trust-worthy locksmith to look forward to. We can help you with being safer and secure, in case of any urgent situations with cars, lockout, ignition repairs, and what not. Key cutting and fitting it into the ignition is a very discrete work and requires perfection, and even minor mistakes could cost you your car. Hence we are the best people to trust since our staff is completely dedicated is sure to handle your beloved car with utmost patience and care, more over they have that skill which will fix everything right into place.

We at Mr. locks believe in nothing but the best hence our equipments are highly modernized and updated and therefore we are able to turn your problem into a solution at the fastest possible pace. The best part about our firm is that we are available in flat 15 minutes, anywhere in New York, to sort out everything that you entrust us with. Such superior services combined with such affordable prices, I’m sure there’s nothing about us that will lead to complains. However being modest, we gracefully accept feedback that we get and hence have reached the place where we are today.

(866) 675-6257 could connect you to us anytime, and we’ll be there at your aid. What you could also do is fill out our free quote forms and we will get back to you.

Choosing The Best 24×7 Locksmith Service Provider

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There are already plenty of locksmith service companies today which made their services available 24×7 because of the fact that accidents may happen anytime of the day. They aim to help people who are looking for someone to be there instantly when they have emergency needs. Convenience is a guarantee as they can respond within 20 minutes or even less than that.

An expert locksmith gives emergency locksmith services to people who are in trouble like meeting car accidents wherein the locks could possibly get jammed or if they tend to forget their keys during the time when they needed it the most. But locksmith firms do not just limit their services with road accidents because they can also quickly take action whenever there are urgent situations referring to car locks and other security systems. If you want to ensure safety and security with your home or business properties, then the best thing to do is to install efficient security systems such as security locks, security cameras and other access control systems.

With the huge number of locksmith firms existing these days, you should make sure to avail of services which would make your investment a worthy one. One of the well-recognized locksmith service providers in New York is Mr. Locks. They continue to achieve recognition and customer satisfaction mainly because of having highly-trained staff that responsibly provides excellent services. They consider their clients as their top priority thus assuring passion and credibility with their work.


Commercial Locksmith

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Mr Locks is also providing commercial locksmith services for industrial, corporate organization, offices, commercial and small businesses. We use advanced techniques for opening or installing locks. Well trained team of Mr. Locks are also providing Master Key System for your offices. Our locksmiths always use specialized tools for all locksmith jobs for desired results at less efforts. We at Mr Locks are always ready to provide you 24 hour emergency locksmith, lock change and lock installation services.